Election Campaigns and Ballot Processing

Election Campaigns and Ballot Processing

SMART ELECTIONS NOW is a company with 25 years of experience as a mail ballot company that handles production, assembly and mailing of election balloting for smaller election entities.

• We bring our expertise to the table to help navigate through the various complexities including USPS regulations, data procurement and prep, and mailing procedures.

• We have conducted a variety of mail ballot campaigns ranging from entire counties to small special districts of 20 ballots.

• SMART ELECTIONS NOW has developed an "on-demand" ballot envelope program to better deal with the 2022 supply chain issues for envelopes. We maintain stocks of generic ballot envelopes which can be personalized and customized. This allows us to quickly provide you with small quantity projects. No more waiting weeks for a printer to produce them. We avoid supply chain problems by using this technique.

• SMART ELECTIONS NOW can help you process the state provided voter files. We review your provided files, check for potential errors, and provide complete reporting to document your process.

• We maintain very cost competitive budgets for smaller election entities. We are constantly striving to bring you a streamlined, budget conscious, higher quality product.

Mail ballots are quickly becoming the norm for elections. Election and ballot administration is very complex and specialized. We can help you navigate through the entire process. We want the opportunity to help you with your future mail ballot projects.

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